Say Hello! To...METTA WORLD PEACE!!!

Its official world, you can NOW call Ron Artest, "Mr. World Peace.Thanks to his lawyer, Nahla Rajan, His name has been legally documented by the los angeles superior court commissioner today, september 16, 2011. Metta will continue to rise & rise again.

Ron Artest gets name change [LA Times]


  1. Kewl you should come up with that. Execllnet!

  2. Hi Metta, wassup. I am contacting you in regards to a new artist from Florida called J-Black. His music is well polish and ready for radio play. He is a versatile artist and his style is a combination of Sean Paul and Busta Rhymes. He is crossover, giving you hip hop, dancehall vibes. I am new in industry and would appreciate you listening to a few songs and giving your advise. I know you have tons of request, however I promise this is worth your time. Good luck with upcoming season. Thanks in advance. (please let me know how to get music to you)

  3. Hi! Just want to let you know I love your new name!!! I would like my last name to be World Peace also!!! I am a World Peace person!!! Right On!!!

  4. Bob May 13

    no class POS

  5. David May 21

    Hi Metta,

    I'd like to talk to you personally, email me.

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